Our Bios


Laura Cavaliero

BSc (Psych), BMW, RM

My passion for midwifery has grown from the deep belief that the mother-child relationship is a uniquely sacred relationship with the power to heal our communities and societies.  I feel privileged to be able to walk alongside women and their families during their journey of pregnancy, labour/birth, and early parenthood. I also feel privileged to be in Kelowna and I look forward to spending many years in this community!

I trained as a midwife in New Zealand and enjoyed my 6 years living in a beautiful country with the strong cultural underpinning of partnership, participation, and protection.  I strive to carry these principles forward in my practice as a midwife.


Meghan MacKenzie

BSc (Biology), BMW, RM
My path to midwifery began when I was a young girl; I used to visit my mother in the nursery of the hospital where she worked as a postpartum nurse and was always enthralled with the process of birth and babies. I entered my university studies intending to apply to medical school to catch babies. While at the University of Victoria I completed a course on issues in women’s health and discovered midwifery and the Canadian midwifery model of care. It was refreshing to learn that there was an existing model of care that privileged informed and contextual decision-making by women and that supported a full spectrum of care, from pregnancy to postpartum support and parenting.

After completing my first degree I traveled to East Africa to work and volunteer for several months. I was fortunate enough to be a part of quite a few births at a small medical clinic in Nairobi. It was there that my passion for birth grew even stronger. My enthusiasm for midwifery comes from its ability to empower mothers and families. I have a strong passion for promoting women’s rights and providing support to families as they experience pregnancy and birth.

Caitlin Botkin

2nd Year UBC Midwifery Student
Caitlin will be joining Laura and Meghan from January 21, 2020 to March 27, 2020. Read her Bio below:

When I graduated as a registered nurse, I had the fleeting thought that if I went back to
school, it would be to become a midwife. This tiny seed slowly grew in the background
as I became an emergency nurse, had two children of my own, and supported friends
and family through their pregnancy and postpartum journeys. It’s hard to believe that I
am now here, entering my first year of clinical practice as a second year midwifery

After a decade of working within the medical model, I pursued midwifery because it
offers an alternative – a true collaboration between care providers and families. I look
forward to forming relationships, providing continuity of care, and supporting families
in the choices that are best for them.

When I need to recharge, my absolute favorite place to be is in a cozy chair with a
blanket, a book, and a cup of coffee. Bonus points if it is cold outside and warm inside.
Other things that make my soul come alive include baking (often with one or both of
my sons), running, camping with my husband and kids, building Lego, and being near
the ocean. A hermit by nature, I can be persuaded outside with the promise of an
adventure with my family or a nice forest trail to explore.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this journey. It is a sacred place to be, and it is
a relationship I will strive to honor throughout this placement.